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1920s Style

Flappers, Jazz music, bobbed haircuts and short skirts: the 1920s are characterized by cultural change and rebellion, especially for women. With the end of a world war and the right to vote in full effect, this roaring decade would challenge the previous conventions of women's roles and the fashion of the era certainly reflected these changes.Chanel black flapper dress via Sewing For My Soul.   Wantington style no. [D021]- Sheer deco-inspired black beaded dress. Icons like Coco Chanel and Josephine Baker were redefining the way women dressed with concepts like the little black dress, Art deco prints and dresses that had movement for dancing!   Wantington style no. [D068]- Flapper-inspired silk dress. For the first time, we are seeing more sheer, transparent materials often adorned with glass...

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Welcome to Wantington!

Welcome to Wantington, an imaginary place where beautiful and profound things exist....where something you yearned for can be found. Our unique collection of vintage pieces has been curated over decades and this site hopes to tell the story of each item in a meaningful way. After 3 years in the making, we are so excited to have materialized a marketplace that will transport us all to a bygone era with craftsmanship often lost over time. Every item you will come across in Wantington is a one of a kind treasure.  We here at Wantington are historians, preservationists, artists, curators and storytellers. As we part with each piece, we hope that it will bring the same joy and admiration we felt finding it to its...

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